G 650 Unrestricted Flight Schedule: The On-site Effect of Wilt’s Quantum Leap 55 Rebounds Beyond

G 650 Unrestricted Flight Schedule: The On-site Effect of Wilt’s Quantum Leap 55 Rebounds Beyond

G 650 Unrestricted Flight Schedule: The On-site Effect of Wilt’s Quantum Leap 55 Rebounds Beyond

On the eve of the 2017 NBA playoffs and Wilt Chamberlain being a topic of note on some Face Book sites today I thought this would be a good short fictional story that is wrapped in the possibility of reality. Wilt is one of the Charles Baker League founders. (This G 650 one is short everyone so you can read the whole thing!)

Bill Russell, the winningest player in the history of the NBA, Who has more NBA  championship rings, eleven, than fingers,  and is considered one of the greatest rebounds of all times. Russell was known to study the science involved in rebounding. Things like where the ball may bounced depending on where the shot was taken, boxing out, etc.  . . . , you get the picture.  Wilt Chamberlain the greatest force, statistical giant, the greatest player, whose dominant play forced basketball to change some of the rules of the game.       

It is November 24th, 1960. The Philadelphia Warriors are facing their perennial rival the Boston Celtics with a packed house in Philadelphia.  We have two eventual Hall of Famers at center position, first ballot of course, no argument.

In this game verses the Boston Celtics and Bill Russell, Wilt would set a record, securing 55 rebounds. The record still stands 57 years later to this day. It is half time of the game, Wilt has snagged 31 rebounds at the half. Here is my fictional version. During the first half, Coach Red Auerbach, has been telling Bill Russell, “Hey Bill you gotta keep Wilt off the boards.” I am sure Red noticed that Wilt was snaring a lot of rebounds but that was normal, but he did not conceive that Wilt had 31 rebounds at the half.     

To bring perspective to those who did not have the privileged of seeing with their own eyes, the enormity of the magnificent Wilt Chamberlain, check out Wilt in the second half.

Red Auerbach was steaming as he and his team headed to the locker room. Red stands outside the locker room as his assistant coach gives him the stat., Wilt has 31 rebounds. Coach Auerbach storms in. “Hey can anybody get a @##$%^& rebound besides Wilt? Hey Bill, how about boxing out. Wilt is embarrassing you and our whole team. Maybe he just wants it more… and you other guys, when are you going to help put a body on the Wilt or how bout’ makin a shot!

You guys better get out there and turn things around! The Warriors are not the World Champions, we are. Someone please let Wilt know that! Now, Sam, Cozy, Sharman, how about making some Bleeping shots! Russ, Heinsohn, Satch get out there and BOX Wilt the hell out!” 

Imagine this, Wilt going against Bill Russell in the second half; with Russell carrying a tongue lashing by his Hall of Fame Coach Red Auerbach. Bill Russell was ready to put a stop to Wilt’s rebound dominance and of course scoring in the first half. The whole Celtic team had Wilt in their sight.

Here is the treasure of greatness that fortifies the greatest attached to Wilt the Bill Russell, Red Auerbach Celtics fielded better teams than often surrounded Wilt, but despite it all Wilt still stood strong against the greatest dynasty in NBA history.

Imagine Coach Red Auerbach when he saw that his players did not make a dent in Chamberlain’s rebounding in the second half. Well, let me take a step back; Russell and Celtics teammates did make some effort. Wilt only got 24 rebounds in the second half!

Who does that? No one but Wilt! Do you have a player you can think of today? In the 90’s, how about the 80’s? I don’t think so!

Can you now imagine? Wilt Chamberlain is the Man!


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August 6, 2017

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