Touch Glove Hurricane Blue


  • Self Correcting, works the moment you put it on
  • Sweat Resistance, sleek feel, full freedom of movement
  • Touch Technology, let your brain better judge the weight and position of the ball by amplifying the nerves on your fingertips
  • Designed for the NBA, over a decade of research and consulting with top NBA players.
  • Open fingers, easy to clean

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Adult 2X – 3X Large, Adult Medium – Large, Adult Small – Medium, Youth Large, Youth Medium, Youth Small, Youth X-Large, Youth X-Small

Touch Glove Features

Professional Sports

Designed by a former NBA player and coach, Touch glove was tested for over a decade before being offered to the public today.

School Sports or Little League Teams

Start off with the right fundamentals and prevent bad habits before they appear. Touch Glove is a requirement for those serious about the sports.

Street Ball

Want to be first picked? Want to help that lagging friend? Need a coach? Touch Glove is the answer. Easy to use, always working, now you can get effective training on-demand and in-budget.


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