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What Are Touch Gloves?

Touch Gloves are made to create “Soft Touch”. It improves the fingertip control of the player when shooting, throwing, receiving, passing, dribbling or handling the ball of their respective sport.

The Design

Our patented Self-Correcting Techonologies (SCT) is the combination of strategic padding on the palm and fingers and the revolutionary lightweight flexibility of the fabrics. When properly fitted the glove is almost zero hindrance.

Touch Sports

Whether the sport is basketball, football, baseball, volleyball water polo, rugby or soccer “Touch” is needed. The best way to see “Touch” is through the speed and accuracy of professional athlete. You need it.

All Ages

Whether you’re playing pop warner, little leage, kiddy, JRS, AAU basketball, Girls or Boys, “Touch Gloves” are for you. Elementry, Jr, Sr, High Schoolers, College or Professional Sports, Playground of weekend warriors, “Touch Gloves” is essential for high achievements.

Why Wear The Glove At This Point?


The Touch Glove help your hand sense the momentum of the ball, how fast or slow and how much force you need use to control the ball when it is moving. Not only that, it further boosts and normalize all of your fingers usage and make sure any bad habits is eliminated. For those with already amazing skills the Touch Glove will make sure to prevent mistakes even twice out of one hundred times. How many dribbles do you take in a game? All The Right Things In One Glove.



All The Right Things

Stylish, High Performance, Revolutionary. We bring you the bells and whistle along with the hi speed train of world class performance. Our outdated prototypes are still being used by some NBA players today. Gets yours now.

Get Instantaneous Results

In as little as five seconds, you can feel the difference in how you handle the ball. The Touch Glove forces you to get it right. Coaches and mentors can’t talk you out of your Bad Habits, and neither can we. That’s why we made the the glove to force you.


NO more BRICKHANDS, with our patented self-correcting technology we look to totally eliminate the blight of brick hands in basketball in the next 10 years, but we need you help in making sure than all kids starts using our patented TouchGloves as soon as possible. It may be too late for you to pursue a career in sports but not too late for the children!

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NO more uncertainty of results. We look to eliminate bad habits and ensures the best results for our players. Too many products promises result but does not deliver. Our technology is made by a former professional NBA player with over a decade of field testing. Some hints that many in the NBA is still secretly using our Technology

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