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By Andre McCarter

State of the Game

The NBA Champion, Golden State Warriors Have Sent the Game of Basketball Back to the Laboratory To Find Their Touch!!!

Hear Ye Hear Ye: It is official: The Golden State Warriors have officially changed the game of basketball! It is done! There is no more debate. If you are Old School, a basketball purest or you just want to see basketball played the way it used to be . . . forget about it, it is over!

The NBA commissioner Adam Silver and his Executive Committee knew as they watched this year’s NBA finals that basketball has officially entered a new paradigm, a new era.

NBA team owners, NBA Presidents, General Managers, NBA, college high school, AAU to kiddy league coaches, journalist,” the world of basketball is in an “ARMS RACE”!

The GM for the Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey, just brought in another major missile, Chris Paul, the Rockets are doubling down in the “ARMS RACE” to beat the Golden State Warriors. The Rockets’ coach Mike D’Antoni has been a longtime proponent of spread the court by shooting the THREE and has recently challenged his Rockets team to average 50 THREES PER GAME! …..Yea that’s right 50 ATTEMPTS PER GAME!

Morey made the Chris Paul move, betting that if it comes down to it, Houston’s three-point shooting, dribbling and passing touch will overcome the Golden State Touch Trio. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant; the Touch Trio have ascended to planet Mars with their shooting, dribbling and passing Touch. THE REST OF BASKETBALL IS STILL ON PLANET EARTH, trying to figure out how can they reach and try to dethrone the TOUCH TRIO and the WARRIOR’S NBA Championship team. GM Daryl Morey contends that “If you are not in the “ARMS RACE” then you are on the sidelines, with no chance.”

What have the “Golden Touch Warriors” done to the game of basketball? Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson have shot off a nuclear missile that has landed on target . . . If you do not improve your shooting, dribbling and passing FINGERTIP TOUCH you will not be able to really compete and your lack of the FINGERTIP TOUCH is reducing your value and any real success in reaching your true potential to compete in today’s game of basketball! The game of basketball is in your FINGERTIP TOUCH!

Basketball players at all levels who wanted to get better for the following season, work on their game during the off-season to improve their skills. To the laboratory, they go to work on their shooting, dribbling and passing touch. Only this off-season something has changed and if you have not recognized the seismic shift you will miss the train and that Touch Train is moving fast! Just ask the Houston Rockets.

The Warriors dynamic shooting trio has sent the game of basketball and all its players back to the “Must Get Better” Laboratory of Fingertip Touch! The addition of Kevin Durant to the Warriors joining forces with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and the Golder State Warrior’s roster has sent the game of basketball to uncharted levels. The level of expertise displayed by the Golden State trio has propelled them to an out of this world place; Planet Mars.

  In America, there are special times in history especially sports history that catapults the expediency of change. The change creates a standard where phenomena happens. The trio of the “Golden Touch Warriors” have gotten out the message in one NBA Playoffs and Finals series. I have been trying to enlighten and empower every basketball player young and old that TOUCH is the POWER BROKER in sports, especially basketball. If you play the saxophone, the piano, the trumpet or the guitar and the list goes on. Miles Davis, Romare Bearden McCoy Tyner or today’s Sedrick Huckaby and the young teen pianist Joey Alexander, the best in their professions where hands and Touch are required they all possess or possessed the POWER BROKER. . . TOUCH.

TOUCH is the POWER BROKER in Basketball. You cannot see it, it’s like air, and you cannot live or play basketball at its best without it and a little just won’t do, not in BASKETBALL 2017. The “Golden Touch Warriors” have made that fact the TRUTH!

Let us start at the very top of the TOUCH food chain. Stephen Curry, in my opinion, has the highest TOUCH level in basketball or maybe any sport where hand and ball, club racquet or feel is required.

If you want to understand what TOUCH is and how it impacts the game of basketball, Stephen Curry is the model. When you have a very high level of TOUCH like Curry, you possess one of the greatest and important forces on earth functioning at its highest level: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch.

These vital forces are there, we call them senses. Life is not the same when one of the senses is not working properly. Basketball is not working its best when your TOUCH is not right and that is because bad habits are hiding and creating flaws that have taken over technique and you cannot fix them with words, coaching or discipline!

The greatest basketball coaches ever John Wooden, Red Auerbach or even eleven rings Phil Jackson could not talk a player out of bad habits.  Great coaches as they are, players who play basketball using the palm of their hand, for example, would answer, ‘Yes coach’ if they were told by any of these coaches to just use your fingertips when shooting, handling or catching the basketball. But once they got on the court they go back to their old habits.


In basketball, SIGHT & TOUCH work together as a team. When Steph Curry comes off a screen out by the hash mark, he can release the fastest shot out of his six-shooter in the WEST in approximately 0.03 seconds. His TOUCH working with his SIGHT can find his target the basket, make the shot from that distance without seemingly looking at the basket. WOW . . . That is TOUCH THAT ALLOWS HIM TO DO THAT!

On June 22nd, 2017 talking about the NBA draft, Paul Pierce said on ESPN’s “THE JUMP”, when asked if he were selecting a player in the NBA draft, he responded; “If I am picking and you can’t shoot I DO NOT WANT YOU!

On another ESPN show, “FIRST TAKE” on June 23rd, 2017, discussing players in the NBA draft; Max Kellerman says a certain player among the NBA draft picks can acquire a good shooting TOUCH. Before he could get the final words of his statement out his mouth, Steven A. Smith belts out . . . “Don’t you tell me that players can just become good shooters” >>> then he screams out loud, “Over the years I have seen too many BRICK LAYERS IN THE NBA,” Smith goes on to say that players just don’t get a good shooting TOUCH!

The “Golder Touch Warriors” have sent the rest of basketball players in the world back to the LABORATORY as they sit up on their perch on Planet Mars looking at the planet Earth and calling out to the billion basketball players worldwide . . . “Come and get us if you can”!

Can the LABORATORY help you now? If you have not dramatically improved your shooting, dribbling and passing TOUCH doing your past normal workouts with your coaches, shooting coaches, teammates, friends during the past season and the off-season, then something is wrong. Something is wrong! You are practicing bad habits, hidden problems. Bad Habits you already know about and the hidden ones you do not know you have.  Developing poor technique, bad habits; each time you make contact with the basketball can kill the chance for improvement of your shooting, dribbling, passing and catching the basketball.

The “Splash Brothers” + one, Durant, have moved the 3 point shot to my # 1 shot as the most important shot in basketball moving free-throws to # 2 in factoring the outcome of games at every level.


Touch Glove is now available, Self-Correcting Technology, the 24 Hour Coach that Fixes Hidden problems; just imagine the Golden State “Touch Trio” Curry Thompson and Durant using the Touch Gloves and getting better! Wow, what would basketball look like then? Half court is a 5 pointer!?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


BUT, before a problem can be resolved YOU MUST ADMIT . . . YOU HAVE A PROBLEM AND THEN FIND A SOLUTION THAT CAN FIX THE PROBLEM(S), only then can you be FREE from that bad drug addiction, smoking, and alcohol addiction or in basketball sometimes we describe it as “BRICK HANDS” NO TOUCH. In some cases, there are just small hidden bad habits that can ROB YOU of your best destiny. A moment in time where if you were just a little bit better, making that last second shot for the championship or just being a little better at the free-throw line, your basketball career, your life could have changed! Maybe a better quality of life.

I am talking to my world now, the BASKETBALL WORLD, but it applies to everyone who needs Touch; let me ask a few things:

Would you pay $45 for a scholarship? Most everyone says yes here. Some people had they had a little bit better TOUCH they would have gotten that D-1 scholarship. Those nasty FREE-THROWS missed may have cost careers to fail or not reach their potential.  NBA players and teams have lost millions, college teams lose out on a NCAA Tournament berth or worst a NCAA national championship over a missed free-throw, throwing a bad pass on the final play that cost you and your team at an important moment a valuable win. All these negative outcomes because you lacked the skill produced by great Touch. Max NBA contracts could be 50 million dollars more if you would have only . . . admitted you had some problems and then found a solution that fixed them. Would they have paid $45 dollars to be a little better at those key moments, on the other end of the winning instead of remembering something you could have changed had you spent $45 to get the help you need?.

During the time I was waiting for my Patent and Trademark clearances for the Touch Glove, I would go the John Wooden Center daily, early in the morning, to practice and test my Touch Gloves with shooting, dribbling and passing. I was making sure the Touch Gloves really worked before I put my name and reputation in basketball behind it. In this gym there was just myself and an older, distinguished, and in shape gentleman, who still had great energy, he was a gym rat. One day, the gentlemen came over at the end of his workout and asked why I had on the gloves while playing. I gave him the nonscientific version of the abstract I had to present to the Patent office in Washington D.C. I stood there explaining that we should use our fingertips when playing basketball and how the fingertips are sending signals to the brain most accurately over using the palm of the hand, etc. .  . He laughed, said Andre McCarter your oral presentation passed the test. He then proceeded to introduce himself. He was a physician/ professor of the hands, nerves and brain, a Neurologist at UCLA’s Medical School.  I almost passed out, the Doctor later wrote about Touch and Touch Gloves in an article for Georgia Tech Sports & Performance Medicine.                   

Finally, would you ride a motorcycle on the Freeway or Highway without a helmet? I think not! Would you play Serena Williams in a tennis match without a racquet, while she is hitting the serves at 135 miles an hour? Your hand would be in trouble. Would you play in the NFL without pads and a helmet? If yes, defeat must be on your mind . . .  WHY are you letting our children start off failing by developing bad habits at the beginning of playing basketball, football etc. . . ? WHY are coaches, parents, professional owners allowing their sons, daughters or players to pick up a basketball without giving them the proper tool and technology they need to be successful? Now that we all admit there are problems, known and unknown that hinder players from reaching their true potential in sports. These problems need to be fixed, solved, as the basketball world reaches for the TOUCH STANDARD, the one in ten million that the GOD given talent the “Golden TOUCH Warriors have. You can reach for Mars with the invention TOUCH GLOVE!

In my very first instruction in basketball at age five the coach told me the tallest kid there, and the other kids to use our fingertips when we hold or dribble the basketball. He then instructed all of us to dribble the basketball from one end of the court to the other end of the court. I used my fingertips doing exactly as the coach said and I did not lose the basketball, as I dribbled up the court and back. All the other kids lost their basketballs, basketballs were all over the court. I never forgot how the coach kept looking at me when I was done. It was like he could not believe what he saw. I had the gift of TOUCH!

I have instructed at camps and clinics, in every State in the United States; Texas to Alaska, California to New York, Ohio to Georgia. I tried to teach kids to do what I could do with the basketball. The kids were willing and they tried to do what I asked them to do. Shoot with their fingertips, dribble with their fingertips to develop their Touch. I noticed there was always a few children who had touch but the majority did not have that natural connection in their hands and the basketball.  They would say “Okay Coach” but they would always go back to the bad habits they had developed. I became frustrated I could not help those kids get better! I would not let my dream go which was to help basketball players especially kids break those bad habits so they can be the best basketball players they can be and would have more fun and success playing the game.

Join the ‘Touch Glove Movement’ to improve sports through focusing on the science and technology of Touch, while enhancing encouraging and helping people experience successful outcomes. We bring confidence to the Global Basketball Community. We are aiming to TOUCH THE WORLD TO BE THE BEST WE CAN BE! TOUCH GLOVE, the Answer, Self- Correcting Technology, the 24 Hour Coach that Fixes Hidden Problems. Touch Glove!!!