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From Coach Andre McCarter A lot of products continue to flood the market. New ideas come from the minds of coaches on a daily basis. Coach Andre McCarter has come up with one such product, the TouchGlove®. Coach McCarter was generous to send us several different sizes to test on different aged athletes. An elementary school, middle school, and high school student volunteered during several practice sessions to try them out. Each athlete used the TouchGloves® over a minimum period of 3 weeks. The beauty of these “gloves”, you don’t have to change your workout. Just do it!

Originally. I contacted Coach McCarter about his TouchGloves® and he quickly sent them to us. I was able to visit the website and determine the appropriate sized gloves for each athlete. Several “handy” images and instructions are supplied to determine proper sizing.

The next step was to implement using the gloves. I read the accompanying booklet and I got a pleasant surprise. There was no need to adjust our practice schedule or drills to utilize the gloves. A sigh of relief and off to practice we went. The athletes slipped the gloves over the palms of their hands and snapped them closed. We went through our standard individual arsenal of drills. Dribbling, passing, shooting, fastbreaks, etc. They were able to adjust to the feel of the gloves by the end of practice. One of the athletes suffered from a blister on the palm of one hand. But, other than the single blister, all went well. We continued using the gloves over the next several weeks of practices. The kids said they could “feel” the difference after taking the gloves off.

I appreciate Coach McCarter sending us the TouchGloves® for review. It is nice to continue to review high quality products such as his.