Andre McCarter Utilizes The Crowd Funding Leader, “Kickstarter” To Bring His  Book Pictorial The “Anatomy of a Champion” That Chronicles The UCLA Basketball Legacy of John Wooden and his 10 NCAA Championship Teams to Publication.

Los Angeles, October 14th – Andre McCarter former starting point guard on John Wooden’s last of ten NCAA national championship teams will launch his “”  30 day campaign to receive donations to complete the final stage of funding to publish his monumental, historical and entertaining  pictorial book entitled ,The “Anatomy of a Champion”.

Andre’ McCarter is the author of The “Anatomy of a Champion”, (title) / An American Dynasty /Wooden Basketball – Wooden’s Way, (sub-title). Andre McCarter was a member of the “Walton Gang” which won an unprecedented 88 straight NCAA games. McCarter guided the 1975 NCAA championship team that sent their coach John Wooden out as a champion in his final game.

McCarter made the Assist and Wooden Scores!  McCarter has experience with campaigns as he spearheaded a three year campaign for Coach John Robert Wooden’s nomination for the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award. John Wooden received the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award from President George W. Bush in July of 2003.

The publication of the “Anatomy of a Champion” will culminate  years of perseverance, determination, interviews, research and study on Coach Wooden, the  various opponents, eras, teams and players who were coached by him, the greatest coach of all-time and the architect of one of the greatest dynasties in sports history. The UCLA basketball legacy under John Wooden exemplifies all the qualities connected to being a winner, a champion, and a success both on and off the court. Via the “Anatomy of a Champion,” “I would like to partner with my “” donors to present this tribute of a great man, coach, and dynasty. The Anatomy of a Champion will uniquely unveil the UCLA basketball legacy to the fans and all those who appreciate true success in sports and in life”.

Mr. McCarter was a two-time high school basketball All-American. He attended Overbrook High School in Philadelphia, PA, a basketball powerhouse who produced many college and NBA players such as the great Wilt Chamberlain and Walt Hazzard who guided coach Wooden’s 1964 team to UCLA’s first NCAA basketball national champion title. McCarter is a graduate of UCLA. After College, Mr. McCarter played in the NBA for the Kansas City Kings, now the Sacrament Kings and the Washington Bullets, now the Washington Wizards. He also played professional basketball, internationally. In addition, Mr. McCarter also coached basketball on the professional, collegiate, (@ UCLA) and high school levels.

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In addition, McCarter is a contributing writer of sports article for International Business Times, (put mccarter in the search box to review articles). Ibtimes has recently opened a new sports division called International Sports Times, (, (put mccarter in the search box) to review McCarter’s most recent articles.