Andre McCarter

Inventor, Coach & Former NBA Player

I grew up in the Golden Age of Basketball in the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Basketball was in the air everywhere in the city and in the suburbs. I started liking basketball around 5 years old, but I was 10 years old when I really got serious about basketball. I was also coordinated to play football which I also loved and baseball, but basketball was king.  It was king, I believe, because when I was all alone, my friend was with me. I could play with my friend anytime. It was always there when I was sad, happy or just needed a reason to pretend and dream. My basketball became a part of me at a young age.

Some of the greatest players of all-time, Naismith Hall of Famers, Wilt Chamberlain, who score 100 points and averaged 50 points per game in the NBA, Guy Rodgers, arguably one of the greatest ball handlers ever and probably one of the most entertaining players of all time Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe and many others were so close I could touch them. They played in my backyard playground behind the home where I lived in South Philadelphia. Later, I would go on to play at legendary Overbrook High School, UCLA and the NBA and then coach the game in college at Haverford College and UCLA.

In my grooming process, as I got better as a basketball player the great players and great coaches, like Claude Gross, Paul Ward and John Wooden that surrounded me stressed these things to me: Play hard every moment I was on the court. Study the science of the fundamentals of the game of basketball. Know the history of those who had played the game before me, because there was much I could learn and appreciate from them. Finally, the essence of basketball was to love the game, be the best you can be, play team ball and play to win championships, and I did!

Another tribute to sports is my passing on history of the UCLA basketball dynasty under legendary coach John Wooden and his teams to now and future generations via my coffee table book sub-titled the: “Anatomy of a Champion” that is comprised of over 600 captioned photographs.

This rich basketball and life heritage has taken me to where I am today. I have been gifted with the knowledge and vision to create products one being the Touch Glove. In an article written by Daryl Bell in March 2017 for ESPN’s The Undefeated, they stated the title; “Former UCLA All-American guard Andre McCarter’s Touch Glove May Change the Game for Athletics.” In the article former NBA players and now current NBA coaches express how the Touch Glove helped them.

The Touch Glove was created to help kids, boys and girls, men and women be successful not only in sports but in life. The Touch Glove helps people get better and one success can breed more successes. Let Touch Glove fix the problems you admit you have and must improve, as well as, allowing Touch Glove to fix those hidden problems that you did not know you have. 

My Book Coming Soon

Anatomy Of A Champion – An American Dynasty Wooden’s Way