The Past Present and Future Of The Innovative Touch Glove

Don't Take It From Me

  Many companies and thousands of individuals have recieved and loved my Touch Glove.  Here are a few of the articles that have been written about Touch Glove and its value.

With his invention The Touch Glove, former Philadelphia schoolboy legend and UCLA guard Andre McCarter has now joined an elite group of African-American world-class athletes known for becoming creators. McCarter, who played his high school ball at famed Overbrook High, takes pride in knowing he can be included in the same sentence with Jack Johnson and Meredith “Flash” Gourdine.

When it comes to dribbling and passing the basketball, Andre McCarter could really display those skills with ease. McCarter, a former Overbrook High and UCLA basketball star, had great control of the ball on the court. Whenever he shot, dribbled or passed the ball, McCarter used his finger tips, which allowed him to become a terrific ball handler. McCarter is sharing his knowledge and skills with players on all levels. He’s doing it with his amazing invention called “Touch Glove,” which gives players a mechanism to develop their dribbling,

From Coach Andre McCarter A lot of products continue to flood the market. New ideas come from the minds of coaches on a daily basis. Coach Andre McCarter has come up with one such product, the TouchGlove®. Coach McCarter was generous to send us several different sizes to test on different aged athletes. An elementary school, middle school, and high school student volunteered during several practice sessions to try them out. Each athlete used the TouchGloves® over a minimum period of 3 weeks.

Andre McCarter is an inventor and is in the data base of African American inventors on  Mr. McCarter’s patented invention Touch Glove is an innovative and effective athletic training glove that can be used to improve a player’s “touch” in basketball, football, rugby, water polo and any hand and ball sports that require fingertip “touch”. Touch Glove was nominated for the New Sports Product of the Year Award sponsored by NASDAQ-AMEX in conjunction with the “Super Show” the sporting goods industry’s largest trade show. Visit us @