I grew up in the Golden Age of Basketball, in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’, Philadelphia, PA. Basketball was in the air everywhere; in the city and in the suburbs. I started playing when I was about 5 years old. I really enjoyed it, and when I was around 10 years old I started getting really serious about it.

I was fortunate to be very naturally athletic, and enjoyed playing football and baseball too, but it was basketball that was king for me. It was becoming my friend. I could enjoy it when I was alone; it was there for me – it kept me company when I was sad, happy, or just wanted to pretend and dream. Basketball became a very large part of me at a young age.

In South Philly, behind my home, there was a playground that was home court to some of the greatest ball players of all time. Guys that went on to become Naismith Hall of Famers; Wilt Chamberlain, who averaged 50 points per game in the NBA. He maintains the U.S. record for scoring 100 points in a single game, which he accomplished in 1962; Guy Rodgers, arguably one of the greatest ball handlers ever, and one of the most entertaining players of all time; there was Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe, and many, many others. They were so close I could touch them. They inspired and motivated me.

I earned a spot on Overbrook’s legendary High School basketball team. After that, it was UCLA, and then the NBA. Eventually I became a coach at Haverford College and UCLA.

I am very fortunate to have been in the company of great players and coaches like Claude Gross, Paul Ward, and John Wooden, that taught me invaluable lessons and disciplines which were stressed throughout my career. They told me to play hard every moment I was on the court, study the science of the fundamentals of the game, learn the history of those that played the game before me, and most important – love the game, be the best you can be, play as a team and play to win championships! It is a huge accomplishment for me to be able to say, I did all of it!

My life experiences both on and off the court have given me the tools to get me where I am today, which includes my strong desire to teach and share with others, so they may experience the successes that I have enjoyed.

My passion for sports and teaching evolved into my creation of Touch Glove, which I developed to help people of all ages improve their technique and become successful in their respective sport(s), with the belief that the more success we achieve, the better we feel, and that feeling breeds more success. Let my Touch Glove help you improve your game.

In an article written by Daryl Bell in March 2017, for ESPN’s ‘The Undefeated’, they stated, “Former UCLA All-American Guard Andre McCarter’s Touch Glove May Change the Game for Athletics.” The article includes feedback from former pro players that are now coaching in the NBA – and how they attest to using the Touch Glove and how it has contributed to their success.